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How responsible creation led to nearly 100 people completing Double Detox in 2023

Dec 12, 2023


With 2024 fast approaching and the festive bells chiming, I find myself in reflective mode. Thinking about what a year it´s been. 

This was the first year of Double Detox and we´re still overjoyed at how many people have trusted us to lead them through a 3 week journey that is nothing short of transformational. I think back to the day the idea of Double Detox landed. It was November 2022 when Erika and I were sitting in our living room. Each year Erika used to cook a detox diet for people and deliver 2 home cooked meals for a week to everyone who signed up.

Erika usually works on demand and a few of these texts had started coming through. Erika said to me, “I wonder if I should do the detox diet this year again?”. This was not something new for Erika. She had been doing these sorts of detoxes for many years now and doing them all over the world. She did them in LA during COVID and spaces were sold out within hours. She did them in Holland and the same thing happened. And again in Ibiza, she would have requests over and over each detox season a few times a year. 

In my world of creation, I had really been guiding myself and my clients towards taking responsibility and becoming a responsible creator, so when Erika asked the question if she should do it or not my immediate response was, “When are you going to start teaching your followers how to cook for themselves?”. To which Erika responded, “I´d love to teach them how to detox, but everytime I try, people don´t stick to it. Why don´t you help me create something that will help them focus and stay the course.”

We decided to head to a local cafe for a juice and some avocado toast to brainstorm about how something like this would work as it felt like this idea had legs. Within 3 hours we had “downloaded” the content and were clear on what parts we would take responsibility for and the format it have. 

Once we had that I said to Erika that if we were going to do this, then we needed to do it properly. We needed to commit to making this into a beautiful product and come from a place of service. We got to work throughout the whole of November and December getting clear on all the everything that was needed and by our launch in January 2023 we had 30 people signed up for our first Double Detox. 

We were so happy and honoured to have so many people step into taking responsibility for their detox journey as we Guided them through it. Fast forward to December 2023 and we have had close to 100 people go through our Double Detox Live programmes this year. 

At the beginning of 2023 we spoke about the need to start raising vibration. That´s really what the Double Detox programme is all about. Getting rid of all the toxins in the body and the mind so that you can vibrate at a higher frequency. When you do this your whole world changes and you create something new. If you have toxins within, you manifest toxicity without. It´s as simple as that. 

Another conversation with regards to responsible creation I had was with South African Shanti Kunene who is poet, writer, activist, TEDX Speaker and founder of Learning 2 Unlearn. I met her at Boom festival and was blown away when my whole body turned to goosebumps as she opened up the Liminal stage delivering her message of Divine Infinite Love to over 500 people.

After the summer had settled down I dropped into another profound conversation with Shanti as she agreed to have an interview with me

One of my best sound bites from this conversation was “ You are so infinitely loved. That you take breath. That you wake up every morning, means you are held. It is not possible that all of creation is taken care of, by whatever infinite intelligence it is that has created us, and we are the only living things that are not taken care of in the same way? There´s no logic to that.”  

If you´d like to listen to this full conversation where Shanti shares a message of Divine Infinite Love, you can check it out here.  

If you thought 2023 was a year that went by quickly, 2024 is going to be way faster. The cosmic energies are aligned in such a way that it´s going to be a year where you will need to rely on tools to ground your energy. Tools to root into who you are. Tools you can plug into that allow you to make higher, more positive thought choices. Thought choices about food as well as thought choices about the truth of who you are. These are all the tools we teach in Double Detox, which is why it´s so transformative. As one detoxer said, “You really learn to plug into the intelligence of your body”. 

That´s why we´d like to invite you to join us for our first Double Detox of 2024, which is starting on the 11th of January through to the 6th of February. Come and learn the tools that will quite literally change your life.

As you go into the end of this year I would like to invite you to hold Shanti´s sound bite that you are infinitely loved in your heart. As you set your intentions for 2024, tune them to this frequency of divine unconditional love so that you are accurately tuning into what you are able to indeed create. And come and join us for Double Detox in January. You will be glad you joined us. This I promise you. 



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