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Double Detox
21 days to 
transform your life

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Would you like to feel alive again? Would you like more energy? How about a experiencing a full mind body reset?

It´s time to experience DOUBLE DETOX!

This Programme is led by Food Alchemist Erika Tangari and Energy Coach Michelle Cachucho.

In 3 weeks you will let go of the build up of stress & toxins. You´ll enjoy better sleep as well as transform your relationship with yourself, creating a new you.  

This programme is perfect for you if:


- You´re bored of feeling stuck with inaction

- You´re done with feeling uncomfortable in your body

- You want to cleanse & strengthen your immune system 

- You want to feel more energized & enjoy clarity of mind

- You want to make a healthy change but not sure where to start

- You are ready to commit to change

- You´re constantly drained of energy even after eating

You´re tired of your unhealthy relationship with food

- You could benefit from calming the voices in your head

- You´d like to stabilize your mood

You are open to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome

- You´d like to discover unhealthy habits of your mind & take your power back

- Establish healthy daily practices that create stability in any kind of uncertainty

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It´s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Three simple phases:

Reduce inflammation
physically &
mentally by recognizing & 
eliminating the intake of toxins.

clarity to consciously make
beneficial choices supporting the 
gut & immune system.

and harmonizing
the body and mind allowing
the new you to shine through

What´s included in the programme?

All The Tools You Need To Feel Alive Again

In this programme you´ll be guided, step by step, on how to detox both the body and the mind. This will update your approach to food. For most people completing a detox can be challenging. Not with this Double Detox programme. You will be equipped with the tools of the mind and community support to help you power through.

You´ll get access to depth and knowledge of the culinary world from Ibiza based Food Alchemist Erika. Energy expert Michelle will share how you can easily break through the barriers of the mind by sharing her wisdom and passion of energetic and mental optimisation.

You have two options available:

Double Detox 

Detox on your own following our simple step by step detox process

- 10 x videos sharing cooking techniques & recipe suggestions

- 3 x PDF´s on specific detox protocols

- 6 PDF´s guiding you on your weekly focuses for the mind and body

- 1.5 Hours of videos sharing tools to help detox the mind

- 1.5 hours of videos explaining how to detox the body and the benefits of each protocol

- Learn simple breathwork and meditation techniques to create your daily practice

- Detailed shopping list for each week

- Practical mindset & communication tools helping you navigate the challenges when they arise

- 3 x Guided meditations facilitating the deep shifts

- 60 day access to Membership area containing all content 


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Double Detox Live

  • This programme includes everything that Double Detox has to offer as well as live support from Mish & Erika 

  • Live Kick-Off Call where together we´ll set the container, expectations & answer any questions

  • 6 x hours of live weekly calls going deeper into the topics, answering specific questions & bonus content

  • Recordings available if you cannot attend live calls

  • 17 x Live Week Day Check In Sessions

  • Learn breathwork techniques & other stabilizing practices setting your day up for success

  • Enjoy 3 x live guided meditations helping you get out of the mind

  • Access to a private members group where you can ask questions as you go along & share your experience

  • Live Closing Celebration call integrating learnings from whole the programme
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You´ll be learning simple, yet incredibly effective tools to get clear on where your mind is at. Then you´ll learn how to move out of victimhood consciousness by becoming the director of your own life.

When a habit is wrong medicine is of no use. When a habit is right medicine is of no need. This programme is exactly the right amount of time needed to create new healthy habits supported by strong foundations and accountability each step of the way.



This programme shares tools, techniques and practices developed to eliminate toxins and inflammation from the body, thereby transforming your relationship with food into a path towards personal growth.

Your approach to food should not simply be putting “fuel in the car”. You´ll quickly become aware that “You are what you eat” is a powerful principle that can be used to access the best version of yourself.




Everything on this planet is being pushed to change. Energetically, 2024 is going to be moving faster than ever before with high intensities. On a macro level we are seeing the old structures of society crumbling. How does the Soul make sense of all of this?

Just like a tree needs to shed the old leaves in order to make space for the new harvest, we too need to shed what is no longer working to make way for something new

This is the secret of life. To die and be reborn, again and again. To detox and regenerate, enabling the bloom.


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Meet Your Guides

Erika Tangari 
Food Alchemist 

Erika is the creator of the S.O.L. Method and has served over 100k meals in her career. She also teaches many people her life changing method transforming their approach to food and ultimately their life.

She doesn´t really consider herself a chef as much as an alchemist. Her main desire is to understand how life enters into specific elements, how these elements manifest as food and how she can combine them creating a culinary epiphany, reconnecting people to their souls.

Michelle Cachucho
Energy Coach & Integrator


Michelle is an Energy Coach & Integrator and the creator of Rise Up In Love.

Mish helps those struggling to navigate big, life-changing events or phases with something called the "Way Within Technique", which is all about reconnecting to your inner compass and living a more authentic, aligned life. She used to feel overwhelmed, uncertain and lacked confidence. But now, by applying the Way Within Technique, She´s able to move out of the chaos by consistently managing my vibration and can confidently handle anything life throws her way.

Wanna become a Double Detoxer?

Become a Detoxer!

It’s the fastest way to really transform yourself on all levels.

Double Detox


DIY online video course anytime

  • Step by step video detox guide starting in your own time
  • Follow along weekly recordings of detoxing the body and the mind
  • 10 x videos detailing cooking techniques & recipes
  • Weekly Shopping List
  • 6 x PDF´s with Detox Protocols
  • 6 x Weekly Focuses PDF´s for both body & mind
  • 3 x Guided Meditations
  • Recorded Daily Practice Protocol for you to create a strong foundation
  • Transformative mindset & communication tools
  • Life changing results when you put the work in
  • Over 14 hours of content
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Double Detox Live


From 25th April - 21st May 2024

50% Discount for
BitCoin Payments
(email for details)

Everything included from Double Detox


  • Live support throughout the whole programme from Mish & Erika
  • Kick Off call with next steps & question
  • 17 x Live weekday check in sessions 
  • Daily Breathwork,  Meditations & more
  • 6 hours of Live Group Calls
  • Call recordings posted with 24 hours
  • 3 x Guided Meditations supporting clearing
  • Private group for asking questions in between calls
  • Connection with like minded community of Dexoters
  • Celebration call with closing ritual
  • Invitation to Private Celebration Meal
  • BONUS - Detoxer discounts for future programmes
  • Over 16 hours of content
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Programme Schedule for Double Detox Live 

This programme is fully supporting you from start to finish with a 60 minute Kick Off on the 25th of April 2024
(8:30 PM, CET) and a closing call on the 21st of May 2024 at (8:30PM, CET).

Detoxing the Mind
Getting through a detox can be challenging if you´re doing it on your own. This is why we´ve included the options to upgrade to include LIVE Support. Enjoy 3 x 60 minute Mind Detox LIVE calls each week to get clear and focused so you don´t fall off the wagon.


Detoxing the Body
There are 3 x 60 minute Body Detox LIVE calls where you´ll learn simple ancient techniques and secret tasty recipes. This will enable you to easily reduce your food intake whilst still nourishing your body, beat the cravings and then reintroduce the right foods in a timely way.


Power Half Hour
Building a habit takes 21 days and the best way to make that habit stick is to show up each day as part of a daily routine. That´s why we have 17 x 30 minute weekday LIVE check in calls to help you stay the course and start each day of strong. You´ll learn breathwork techniques & simple meditations that will get you out of the mind and into the body. You´ll experience powerful Guided meditations designed to upgrade your body enabling deep transformations.

Weekly themes

Tuesday´s detoxing
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM CET

Week 1

  • Science behind habit creation

  • Getting clear on your why to ignite your passion

  • Power of intentions to create focus

  • Understand the power of water & how to restructure it

Week 2

  • Awareness of the orientation of your mind

  • Problem vs Outcome orientation

  • Implementing Outcome orientation

Week 3

  • Letting go of victimhood consciousness

  • Dancing around the triangle

  • Using quality questions to create the shift


Thursday´s detoxing
the Body

8:30 PM - 9:30 PM CET

Week 1

  • Benefits of detoxing and what to expect

  • Safely slowing down intake and how to beat the cravings

  • Begin detoxing through ancient techniques

  • Secret SOL Method recipes

Week 2

  • How to break-the-fast with pro and pre-biotics

  • Plant based recipes to continue slowing down intake

  • Supplement additions to give you an added boost

Week 3

  • Guidance on liquid week

  • Optional deeper cleanses

  • Safely exiting and reintroduction of solids

Weekday´s Power
Half Hour
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM CET

Week 1

  • Dedicated week day check in to start flexing your “focus” muscle

  • Guided breathwork & meditations

  • Establishing Heart - brain coherence

Week 2

  • Maintaining your energy field

  • Finding the silence

  • Awareness of unhelpful thoughts 

  • Planting seeds of transformation

Week 3

  • Gratitude practice

  • Being comfortable in the void

  • Moving into Creator mode

  • Clearing stuck energies



Here´s what successful Detoxer´s have to say

Vytautas V.

"One beautiful flow led by professionals in the field that combines body and mind, the aspects that only works together and allows to really detox in supported and safe space."

Liz B.

Double Detox Live was NEXT LEVEL - I have done Tony Robbins Detox for 3 weeks and that helped tremendously back in 2021 during the pandemic. Your programme went deeper and was more intimate, inclusive and grounded. The combination of Mish & Erika is total magic.

Annelie H.

This programme was life changing and very empowering. I was super impressed by the entire thing. My intention was to heal my gut and I believe that is what I have accomplished.
So much wisdom from both Mish and Erika.

Tania P.

I loved this program and the way Mish and Erika delivered it. There were some parts of the programme I didn´t complete but instead of staying disappointed, I quickly forgave myself and remembered your words 'you can't get this wrong' and thought of all the terrific aspects of the detox I was still including and learning from.

Irene H.

The lightness and cleanliness of the body. It feels like the biggest gift I have ever given to my body. I felt more calm and relaxed through out the day and I became aware of some unhealthy patterns in my mind. I changed some of my underlying beliefs in my life and my coffee cravings even disappeared.

Devika P.

I learnt about how good and quantity affects the body’s behaviour and the body has stored energy during fasting. I felt happier, got more sleep, learnt how to better manage my focus through having conscious outcomes and my alcohol cravings disappeared  An awesome programme of creating a healthier mind, body and soul.

James H

I really enjoyed the process. I was impressed with the depth of knowledge that Mish and Erika displayed and the way I was immersed & led into the process of withdrawing from my usual diet. I had no idea what to expect when I started and if you'd asked me if I was signing up to do 5 days fast at the beginning I would have said “I don’t think so”. In the end I did 7 days of fasting!

David H.

For two years I have had a disturbing feeling on the left side of my belly and on the opposite side on my back. I was very in my head imagining it could be the worst thing. But somehow I knew it had something to do with my stomach or gut. Committing and completing this Double Detox Live program, the pain has almost gone. I feel no pain in the morning.Loved the tools and the way everything was explained. Love you guys.

Maria H.

I feel so much more vitality in my body. I went from being very exhausted looping in an anger pattern to joyfully dancing through life. I have so much more energy since the very beginning of the program. I felt fully safe and deeply held in the space with Erika & Mish.  Both of you are such highly advanced human creatures that have the power to move mountains. Now, my body feels amazing and in shape. My mind is now focused on the essential things doing my morning practice. I feel blessed! Thank you!

Karen de G.

Being able to share this journey with my daughter was really beautiful as it allowed me to lead by example as well as raise my consciousness around what I put in my body whether its food or the thoughts I think. The content nourished my grid for new ways of thinking, which helped me on a daily basis.  I was also eager to learn and continue my healthy journey after I had a brain hemorrhage 5 years ago. I understand that I need a holistic approach considering the body, mind and heart, which is what the programme offered. I felt this feeling of safety with Erika and Mish knowing that from the beginning to the end I will be ok. I never felt judged, which allowed me to take responsibility for my choices, whatever they were. The combination of Mish and Erika is like fireworks where the synergy between them is 1 + 1 = 3 with their knowledge and the way they embody what they share.

Jon R.

Doing a fast has always been on my bucket list and so I was happy when my wife agreed to join me on the programme. One of the things Mish said right at the beginning was that we can´t get this wrong and I found that very encouraging. I also loved the gentle way the course transpired. The timing of everything was also inspiring, giving us enough time to prepare for the coming week with space to reflect and see what we were going to do the following week. The website was very simple and easy to navigate, only showing what needed to be seen. The content I learnt in Detoxing the Mind has transformed me going forward leaving me with more compassion in how I approach situations with others. On the body side, the ability to survive, be energetic and feel really alive and enjoying that state was the biggest gift for my body. Erika and Mish have a great love for each other. There's a joyous and humorous chemistry between them, sharing their personal journeys, which gives others the permission to share their stories too.

Laura K.

"How can I possibly put into words all that I have gained from Double Detox! Empowered to live in alignment for me, not for others or society. Cleansed physically, with brighter skin and eyes, healthier hair, and a much healthier feeling gut (bye bye usual bloating and inflammation. Confident I have the tools to continue feeling this well or get myself back on track if I falter. The accountability I felt kept me motivated, and the vulnerability everyone showed aided my transformation by knowing I wasn’t alone. The healthy, natural, and gradual manner in which the body detox was approached meant that my body felt “safe” throughout. I was in a different headspace and stage in my spiritual journey during Double Detox than in prior lessons, I took away new and different perspectives that are serving me in even deeper ways now."

Federica T.

"One of the biggest gifts for my body I would say is definitely that I am sleeping better. I was having these moments for a very long time where I would wake up several times during the night. I would just have these disturbed sleep patterns.

I saw that especially during the detox when we were reducing our food intake I could really sleep throughout the night and feel much more rested. In terms of achieving work and feeling able to concentrate I definitely felt that the detox was really helping me be a little bit sharper."

Ella M.

"It was the perfect space that I needed at a time in my life where I was feeling a bit untethered and I was not sure how to navigate a major transition in my life. It became clear this Detox was exactly what I needed as a supportive container to cleanse emotional and physically helping me move through this deep and emotional state. It gave me permission to choose myself and I did that in many ways throughout the Detox making myself the priority and turning towards loving. Having the structure of the daily practice was grounding in multiple ways, which gave me stability in such an unstable time"

Amber E.

"Hi Mish& Erika! I want to let you know I've enjoyed the programme so much! The mind topics are really interesting and I will re-listen all the next weeks.

And food related... these weeks have been a gift for me and my family. The kids love the pancakes! I found out that I totally changed my approach to food not having so much need to eat as much as I did, but rather focus on quality. My sleep and energy levels are so much better! I'm just sensitive too food I realized. 

The best is I've had regular headaches from the neck... and guess what, nothing the last weeks.

Thanks for all lovely ladies"

Amanda C.

"The whole course is magnificently put together. It was commitment not discipline and I loved it because there was so much freedom inside the programme. I completed the whole course even whilst travelling between Milano and Ibiza 3 times, I was out socialising with my friends at restaurants for lunch and dinner and I say committed to my outcome. I did 5 full days of fasting and I felt, and am still feeling, so full of energy and so creative. I´ve gone back to working out and lost 6kgs, something I never expected! The whole course was so well done and you two are amazing beings. Thank you thank you thank you."

Judith Y.

"Double Detox was fantastic! It´s the programme! There were many things I needed to transform. Not just on a physical level, but on a mental and emotional level too. My intention was to cleanse on all the levels and it happened! WOW! Double Detox is a journey where you connect with yourself on a deeper level, become self aware of what you eat, as well as become aware of what comes up when you take certain foods away. I never thought I could do a 5 day liquid fast. I was surprised about how easy it was. I was going through a breakup and in week 3, suddenly everything became silent and I could tap into my heart and know what I really want for myself. That was truly magical."


"Double Detox protocols were a life saver. Having battled intestinal issues for a long time I was now able to address these. The programme was really simple, even with my busy schedule and people are commenting how good I look! One of the most valuable things I learnt was how to overcome my bloating, which I now share with everyone and recommend they do the programme too. Double Detox changed my whole way of prepping and cooking. "

Jessica M.

"I was very happy and proud of my Double Detox. Mish was really good at helping understand the mental toxins in our body helping us navigate our way through the detox. Erika was our nutritional guru and shared her wisdom, which I loved so much. Following Double Detox gave me access to so many more plates for myself and family. I learnt to fall in love with fresh produce again. I got such deep sleep and had way more energy. It was amazing!"

Virginia R.

"I was curious about the whole Double Detox process. I´ve known Erika for a long time and I love the way she approaches food and how we nourish our body and soul. This was also a the perfect time for me to change and I´m feeling big shifts and moving to a new level of consciousness through a detox was something I wanted to do. "

Dr. Mariana Barretto.

Double Detox programme is not just a fasting programme. It teaches you tools of how to engage your body, mind and spirit and when we make that integration it opens us up to a beautiful potential of the things we can do. When I integrated it all, it showed me how much power I have into my choices giving my power back. "

Jennifer C.

" So grateful to you both for this programme, ladies. 

I think the biggest take away for me was that I am not my stories. That we all get to rewrite our script at any given moment. This alone was worth it.

The writing has returned to my life after months of not journaling so THANK YOU - sticking with this now it's so key for my clarity. "

Are you going to be the next Double Detoxer?

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We promise to send good vibes only and to never share your details!