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Expanding the definition of "spring cleaning"

Apr 16, 2024

New Year's Resolutions. Dry January. Spring Cleaning. So much media and marketing are geared toward these kinds of seasonal reminders to declutter and reset. The messages we receive about these milestones can be quite limiting, though. In the northern hemisphere, we’re well into spring now, so let’s take “spring cleaning” as an example. What images and tasks come to mind when I say this? Piles of clothes for donations, buckets of dirty water with wet rags full of grime from the windows, open windows airing out rooms that have been closed for months and smell a bit musty - resonating? 

Decluttering the physical spaces in which we live can be gratifying and is important, of course. But the results won’t last forever. Today, I’d like to invite you to expand your thinking beyond this definition of spring cleaning and ask yourself how you are cleansing the body and the mind for this new season, so you can live with greater trust and intentionality, permanently. Let me tell you a short story about how the Universe literally made me clean my house so that I would never forget the power of a clean mind. 

A couple of years ago, I was starting a transition from a decades-long corporate career to follow my passion for coaching and initiating a healing practice. This shift involved not only a physical relocation but also an emotional and spiritual detox from my former corporate identity, which had defined me for over twenty years.

Amidst this period of great change, I recall a particularly challenging day when I was struggling to draft some marketing material. The words just wouldn’t flow, and my frustration mounted. In desperation, I reached out spiritually for guidance and was met with an unexpected directive: "go and clean."

Initially resistant and puzzled about how cleaning could possibly aid my work struggles, I continued to sit in front of my laptop, futilely attempting to force creativity. Eventually, the mounting frustration pushed me to take up the advice. I started with the kitchen, cleaning vigorously, and moved on to sweeping out our fire pit.

As I cleared the last of the leaves, a gleam caught my eye—a five-cent coin lying among the ashes. I laughed out loud. Years earlier, I had asked the universe to send me a coin as a reminder during tough times that I was supported and that everything would be okay. Here was that reminder, unearthed in a moment of cleaning-induced clarity.

This moment was a potent affirmation of being open to unexpected guidance and the power of cleansing, both literal and metaphorical, to reconnect us with the Universe’s support. Re-centering and rejuvenating on your own can be tough, and that’s why we created Double Detox. Our 21-day transformational program in a safe and powerful group container is designed to help you clear out the toxins and negativity that accumulate over time, just as spring cleaning clears out physical clutter. It’s an opportunity to reset, to shift your energy, and to emerge feeling refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to tackle new challenges and embrace new opportunities with a clear mind and body. Plus, you will be equipped with tools to maintain this clarity ongoing on your own.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, if you’ve been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole in any area of your life, consider this the Universe telling you to “go and clean”. Join us by clicking on the “Sign Up Now” button at the top of the page. It could be the transformative experience you need to step into this new season with vitality and clarity. Hope to see you there!




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