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A night with Zach Bush & Erika Tangari

Sep 08, 2023


Living on the island of Ibiza always provides such magical opportunities, like to hear one of the amazing changemakers in the world right now, Zach Bush, speak live at Tierra Iris. 

Zach was sharing his journey of Farmers Footprint and how he got to the understanding, after many years of being mislead down the wrong specialization paths, that the work humanity needs to do right now is to work on themselves. How we need to feel what we are feeling and speak about what´s going on inside so we can move to a vibration of love sooner. Out of the suffering. 

"The heart of God, which is the heart of the universe, which is the heart that will transform the darkness into the light and shift the way in which this universe is literally vibrating. The frequency of the whole universe is ready to up level and I believe that everything I've learned in the soil and the food systems through the Farmer's Footprint journey is showing us that this concept that food can move us into the fifth dimension, can move us beyond the fifth dimension, is very real." - Zack Bush

It was amazing to see a grown man, fully in his power allowing himself to drop into his vulnerability with total strangers and speak about how much pain he was experiencing as he watched what was going on in the world right now. Then he shared how inspired he had been during his trip to Ibiza as he saw so many amazing projects and people doing great things to help wake humanity up and make the critical next step. 

Check out this video where Zach invited Erika to speak about her views on the current situation and her part she is playing in helping humanity make the shift through teaching chefs and farmers how to make 5D food and waste a lot less.  




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