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Why Double Detox Live is coming at exactly the right time

Sep 21, 2023


When the season changes from summer to autumn and from autumn to winter it´s always fascinating to watch how my energy goes from being external to internal. I actually learnt this from Erika as she was explaining the 5 elements to me as part of her SOL Method course. 

It´s been really interesting as loads of people have been contacting Erika to get a consult on a few things because they or their kids having been having health issues. This always comes with the change of the season but not only that, we´ve had MASSIVE high frequency energies pouring in for the last month in line with the Equinox planetary alignment, which is on the 22nd of September this year. 

I for one have been experiencing loads of headaches as these high energies flood in, which is what prompted me to get really excited about Double Detox Live on the 12th of October. As our body keeps receiving this high energy all the densities will continue to be pushed out. That´s what my headaches are all about. And that´s why proactively getting involved in a detox can be so helpful because it expedites the process of getting all the muck out, especially after an indulgent summer, so I don´t have to suffer when the high energies come in. 

Also, coming up on the 10th of October, we will have the last planet come out of retrograde and go direct. At one stage this summer we had 6 of our 9 planets in retrograde, which means they were traveling in the opposite direction for a period of time and in turn has a really powerful impact on us. 

So with that, there´s much to celebrate as we approach our next Double Detox Live. We´ve had a bunch of previous Detoxers and new folks already sign up so I wanted to invite you to take advantage of our Super Early Bird offer before it expires on the 30th of September

If you´re still on the fence the watch the above 2 min video of what our previous Detoxers had to say. I promise you that if you join and play full out, this programme with change your life. I´m not kidding you. Check the video out and click here to sign up now

See you on the other side. 

Mish x 

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