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How Double Detox become a safe haven for me when I lost my father

May 09, 2024


October 2023 Double Detox turned out of be one of the most special times for me that I really didn´t expect. Never in my right mind did I think that Double Detox would in fact become a safe haven for me during a time in my life, which was incredibly trying. That time was when I lost my dad. I share more details in an interview, which you can check out here.

It was October 2023 and we already had many people sign up for Double Detox. We had just finished our retreat in Ibiza and I was looking for a little time off just to regain composure a bit after an intense summer season. But it was not meant to be. As it turns out, the weekend our retreat had ended, I received the message. That message that´s read in slow motion when you receive it. 

My mom texted, sharing that she felt that my dad, who had been on a slow and steady decline since his stroke in 2018, was at the end of his journey. It´s a strange thing to receive a message like this. It creates feelings of huge sadness and loss, but at the same time one of relief that his suffering would now be over. 

I was on the next plane out to South Africa and got to spend a sacred week with my dad, walking him home. Of course the actual time of one's departure is never known and so it was an interesting process Erika and I had to go through to decide whether to continue to host Double Detox or not. Thinking about things like would I be able to manage holding the group whilst holding myself and my family throughout a time like this?

As I made it back to South Africa and had consciously made space to focus on my dad in the hours I was permitted to be with him, Double Detox became a safe haven for me that I knew I could come to each morning through our morning practice together as a group. As well as in the calls where it was a safe space to share the process I was going through and tell stories of how I was applying the tools that I teach in Double Detox to navigate this sensitive time. A time that everyone on this planet needs to go through. Turns out Double Detox was holding me this time.

Turned out to be the best decision to have continued with the programme, as things just flowed and I was back home in time to rest and recover with Erika and really drop deep into the grieving process.

A fellow Detoxer, Tara Magalski, founder of Divine Lifestyles, Interviewed me about this journey and it´s one definitely checking out. I share more about the actual departure process of my dad and how I was able to move to a space of deep love for myself, for him, for my family and the whole process. 

Here are a few more highlights:

  • My journey from South Africa to sharing the work I do with the world.
  • How to navigate the "dark nights of the soul" and emerge with wisdom and strength. 
  • The transformative "Way Within" technique is all about raising your vibration to live a more synchronistic life.
  • The profound experience of loss and how it can be a catalyst for spiritual growth and healing.
  • Divine Daily Practices" that are sure to elevate your day – think writing, movement, mantra, and breathwork. 
  • This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone on a healing path or curious about the intersection of modern therapy and ancient healing practices. 

Tune in to discover how you can embark on a journey of transformation and embrace your divine lifestyle.

Check it out now and let me know how you´ve navigated your journey through really hard times.

Sending good vibes as always, 

Mish x



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