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Interview with Erika Tangari and LÓfficiel Online Journal

Mar 07, 2024
Erika Tangari LÓfficial

If you haven´t had the pleasure of meeting Erika Tangari in person yet then we highly recommend you read this article from LÓfficial published in March 2024

Erika has a beautiful story about her journey into becoming one of the most authentic food alchemists on the planet. From L.A. to Amsterdam. From Milano to Ibiza. From Marbella to Formentera. Erika really has shared her magic on many continents touching the lives, and bellies of many. 

More recently Erika has taken her focus towards sharing more of what she has learnt over the last two decades serving food to people all over the world. 

Double Detox is one of those programmes, which we have proudly built together, through sheer passion and dedication to helping folks become aware of the impact of everything that is put in the body. Whether it´s food or thoughts, it makes a difference. 

In this article, Erika shares stories of how she learnt how to cook from her Nona (Grandma) when she was little, how she changed career paths after witnessing the abuse on the planet created by the yachting industry and the importance of creating relationship with the local farmers on the island of Ibiza being a bridge between worlds. 

We´re super proud to see Erika getting more coverage so that we can get the message out. 

You can check out the full story here




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