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Food Alchemy and Erika´s Journey to serving over 100,000 meals

Jun 06, 2024


If you´ve never heard Erika tell her full story of how she landed up being a world renowned food alchemist, serving over 100,000 meals and how she created the SOL Method, then this podcast is one not to be missed.

Erika was recently interviewed on the podcast "Ibiza Refuge for Dreamer" and you can catch the full interview on spotify here.



Erika speak about her own unique quest to understand the essence of life that enters into the elements around us, how these elements manifest into the food we later experience, and most importantly, how she can blend them together to create a culinary epiphany that reconnects people with their souls. 

On the show, other topics are discussed such as the power of food as a connector to our souls, what SOL method is, and how Erika came to be the food alchemist she is today. 

Enjoy this episode and remember to like and share if you found it useful.  




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