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Detoxing during eclipse season Part 2

Oct 06, 2023

It´s that time of year again where Erika and I embark on our Double Detox Live 3 week programme. It´s our last one for the year and again we have aligned it with eclipse season which is set to be a powerful one. 

To help us make sense of how the eclipses might influence the detox, we sat down and had another fab conversation with medical Astrologer Aurora. In this episode we discuss how realities are changing for each of us as the energies increase and the speed at which things are occurring. 

Aurora shares her views on how there is a healing crisis and encourages people to slow down and make space for healing, contemplation and ridding the body of toxins, all the good things that Double Detox focus upon. It´s no longer possible to avoid releasing the toxins in your body. You´re either going to have the densities manifest as some sort of discomfort or disease in your physical body or experience unexplained fear, confusion or anxiety. 

These are all common ascension symptoms and we discuss suggestions on how to move through these sensibly. This eclipse season seems to also be focused on the kidneys and lymphatic system clearings, which again is something that Double Detox helps with.

This is the last double eclipse of the year, as well as our last live container so if you´re still wondering if it´s worth taking time to do a Detox, watch the full conversion here.


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