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Eat Clean by Double Detox

This course was born from a ton of requests from folks who have completed their Double Detox and wanted ideas on what to eat after they had gone through a deep mind and body cleanse. 

Doing Double Detox is not a requirement to enjoy all the learnings from Eat Clean. In this course you´ll have 1 year access to 23 recipes presented to you by Food Alchemist Erika Tangari. As always Erika teaches cooking techniques more than recipes so if you dive deep into your creativity, you´ll enjoy many many many more combinations. 

It´s time to become your own Food Alchemist and begin and continue the journey of eating clean. 

What you'll get:

  • Access to 15 different videos 
  • Where Erika shares over 23 different recipes
  • 1 year access to over 2.5 hours of content

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